Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just finished the redesign of Roger Kennards website in German too! Check it out:
Just finished the redesign of Roger Kennards website! Check it out:

Monday, July 18, 2011

Just published the Home Guide® of Yolo Co., CA Volume 20 Number 6 online. Check it out!
Update from the missionaries serving in the Northeast portion of Tanzania. We are proud to help this work.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why you should insure trumping position at Trulia/Zillow for your listings.

Syndicating from your own personal website is the only way to insure top trumping positional the leading portals like Trulia/Zillow. Claiming your listings is not adequate as Trulia/Zillow dictates which feed will show on their site. It only insures that you will be there when the listing is presented but not exclusively. Upgrading to "Pro" means that; only you will show BUT Trulia/Zillow still chooses the syndication source. The problem is not just at the Trulia/Zillow portals. The portals syndicate listings to other portals and your listings show there too. All of the other portals put their rules in play on lead generation. So the problem is compounded. The only acceptable solution is to have a feed that trumps all others. IE: a feed that contains your listings with your CTA text as a part of the listing. To my satisfaction I have proven this with several of my customers help. To me the ultimate solution is for an agent to do exactly what my customers are able to do: BUILD YOUR OWN BRAND AND TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LISTINGS EVERYWHERE IN THE CLOUD. You can only do that with a CTA in your remarks and you can only do that in your own branded website. Members of RCAR and GCAR MLS systems call Terry at 423-284-2760 for more information. At McDougal Design we believe that a lead generated by a listing anywhere it resides in the cloud belongs to the agent that owns the listing!

This just in from Zillow

This just in from Zillow:

Hi Terry-
 Yes, a personal agent/broker site will trump everything else. Specifically, the order is as follows:
Personal agent/broker site -> parent broker site -> trusted 3rd party (like Listhub) -> additional 3rd party (like eProperty Sites).

Zach Cartwright,
Technical Account Manager

SO! - What an agent needs to have their listings, with their marketing info including a CTA, show at Zillow is an XML feed of listings from their personal website. NOW WE DO THAT TOO!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Visiting the new offices for Williams & Williams Realty Services downtown Chattanooga, TN hope to chat with Joe V.
Looking for office space in downtown Chattanooga, TN? I visiting here working on my email. Denise make it happen!
Teaching a class on how to "Think like your customer @Sabrena Realty Associates, LLC

Monday, July 11, 2011

My weekly update from the missionaries serving in the Northeast portion of Tanzania, East Africa just West of the city of Arusha in a village called Kisongo.
Here is some "good" in the news about Cleveland and Bradley Co, TN @YourHomedream

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Demonstrating the website system to Joy Shaw of Century 21 Roberson Unlimited in Dayton, TN

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meeting with Evelyn Williams of Sabrena Realty having a great training session on the operation of her Website.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy 4th of July! Tomorrow McDougal Design will take the day off! The work in Tanzania continues, no news about Tara:•(

Friday, July 1, 2011

Search engine added to website inventory page.

Greetings! It is July, and summer is in full swing. Your web site is also in full swing with a new feature! Several years ago we realized that QR code marketing was going to be big. We recommended that you create a bar code that points to your inventory page on your website for your sign rider. We hope you have or are in the process of doing just that. Our update today makes it even easier to find a listing from a QR scan that points to your inventory page. Once your QR code has been scanned by your potential customer, your inventory page is the landing for that scan. On your page, customers will find an easy to use search engine that will help them in finding more info on that exact property. For example, a customer is standing at one of your listings. Your sign also include a sign rider with the QR code. The customer scans the code with their smart phone, your website comes up, and then the customer uses the search engine by putting in price range, address, city, or even MLS to find easily information on that particular property. Wow! Talk about info in an instant! Go to your website and check out this brand new search engine feature and be sure to "ping" about it on your social network! Have a super fun summer and sell, sell, sell!