Friday, November 7, 2008

The McDougal Design OCF multi-marketing system

Print advertising is only a part of a REALTOR®'s arsenal when marketing a listing for their client. A complete marketing strategy would include all of the options available to attract the attention of the home buyer. The Your HomeDream multi-marketing system is designed to assist business owners in meeting their marketing strategy in many ways while keeping the time needed for the creation of the data for the advertising to a minimum.

When an advertiser includes their company datLinka and listing data in the Online Copy Folder (OCF) system that data is used to create many possible exposures. A print magazine, e-magazine, company web site, agent web site, and listing web pages. We can direct an advertiser owned domain name to the OCF content to create a Real Estate office site, Affilliate Advertiser Site and Agent Sites. Our "hosted domain" sites include the full suite of Google services and email. Advertisers are not limited to the number of listings they can include in their OCF database. All that is required is a minimum ad purchase in the print magazine or a monthly subscription to the system if the advertiser prefers to not place an ad in the print magazine. All of our online services are included in the print or subscription price. Once a commitment for an ad/subscription is made we "turn on" the advertisers site and add all of the content created by the advertiser is added to the magazine web site and hosted domain sites. Our system then adds all the pages for each site to a unique sitemap.xml file so the search engines can quickly add the pages to their search index.

We allow the direct embed of data code into every site and the listing page to allow showing, directly in the home pages, any virtual tour, YouTube video, or any other compatible data code embedded. That allows even more exposure for advertisers purchased or created digital content to be placed in front of their potential customers.

The OCF system is dynamic. We are continuing in it’s development adding new features improving current operations and design. We are open to suggestions and comments in that process.

Your HomeDream is more than homes for sale. Many housing industry affiliated advertisers have found the Your HomeDream multi-marketing system to be a useful tool for attracting new customers as well. Affiliate advertisers enjoy the same benefits and services available to our Home Selling customers.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

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Welcome to YourHomeDream

The Your HomeDream marketing system allows advertisers in the Housing Industry to access customers with their advertising message in multiple ways. In print, online emagazine, online database search, websites, and real estate listing home pages. Please feel free to post comments or questions about our marketing system we look forward to helping you achieve Your HomeDream.